Melbourne jobs

  Technical writer; permanent role; Start ASAP; $100K package

A Melbourne company (near Albert Park Lake) is looking for a senior technical writer to set up and manage their technical writing department. The company has been in business for 10 years and develops software to manage logistics in the sea-based trade sphere. Here’s an opportunity for you to begin a department from scratch and put your own stamp on it.

Your principal deliverables will be user manuals, training materials and instructional videos.

Ideally you will have:

  • experience, and confidence, to assume ownership of all customer-facing instructional material
  • solid knowledge of contemporary documentation methodologies and tools (including CMSs)
  • the ability to judiciously choose methodologies and tools that best meet the needs of the client and its customers
  • both broad and deep experience—of no less than five full years—in creating task-oriented user manuals that meet the informational needs of users
  • experience in scripting and creating instructional videos
  • an appreciation of the principles of effective instructional design (for both instructor-led and online training)
  • a thorough knowledge of contemporary Australian English, and also of global English (given that some materials will need to be localised for non-Australian English audiences)
  • an appreciation of the techniques of writing for translation (given that some materials will need to be translated for non-English audiences)
  • a natural propensity to adopt simple, plain, utilitarian English when writing user documentation
  • confidence to work with senior colleagues ( in providing suggestions and accepting direction)
  • a respect for, and willingness to work with, subject-matter experts
  • present, or nascent, managerial skills (given that you will probably end up leading a team of technical writers) and
  • a personality that readily accepts that (a) fastidiousness is only valuable when customer perceptions are at stake and (b) no one is immune from learning from others.

A pleasant location (opposite the Albert Park Lake), unoppressive working environment and the freedom to mould the documentation approach from scratch. Start ASAP.

Send your CV to Make sure you include a contact telephone number and email address in your CV.

For further information, contact Geoffrey Marnell on 0419 574 668.

Sydney jobs

  Technical writer; 3–4 month contract; Start February 5

We need two technical writers for a project in North Ryde. Ideally you will have considerable experience working on tender documents in the engineering field (preferably rolling stock and related infrastructure). You will be providing the raw technical information that a dedicated team of tender writers will then finesse into a tender response.

Send your CV to Make sure you include a contact telephone number and email address in your CV.

For further information, contact Geoffrey Marnell on 0419 574 668.

Adelaide jobs

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